Whānau prepare for Campbell Paterson's return home

By Te Ao Māori News
Campbell Paterson to return home to Maraenui

Campbell Paterson's family is still waiting to find out when their dearly departed will return home from Australia to be given a proper send off by his wife and four children. 

32-year-old David Hickson has been charged with Mr Paterson's murder and despite the shock of his death, Campbell's family are trying their best to move on.

It's been 18 days since it was alleged that Campbell Paterson was murdered in Australia.  His family are in distress when they'll know of his arrival back home.

He's well known throughout Maraenui for his art, many people in the community laid flowers today in his memory. 

His work is also seeing at Te Ao Marama Te Kohanga Reo.  His work has also inspired his children. 

Paterson was a former teacher at this school and his children also attended this school.

Queensland Police believe Paterson was murdered at this Cairns residence, where his dismembered body was stuffed into a chilly-bin and dumped in bush 30km away.

His body was found there by Police two weeks later.

No doubt, Paterson's memory will live on through his whānau and his art.