Whānau in Scotland contract Covid-19 despite being vaccinated  

By Te Ao - Māori News

Paul Bodger (Te Atiawa) and his family live in St Monan's in Scotland, where they isolated a few months ago, as they were recovering from Covid-19.

Paul and his wife Julie were both double-vaccinated, and believe they caught the virus from one of their three children who was displaying extreme flu-like symptoms, later finding out she caught the virus at her school.

“We went to get tested, thinking it was just going to be her, so we were very surprised when we went positive, even though we were vaccinated.”

“Our symptoms were flu-like for the first week and then got pretty serious for me, for one night especially really uncomfortable. I was delirious and feverish and just all the normal symptoms you’ve heard about.”

To date, over 12,000 deaths have been recorded due to Covid-19 in Scotland, and Bodger says the restrictions are still tight.

“We are using vaccine passports for large events from sports games to concerts, and nightclubs, things like that. Masks are still pretty much commonplace in retail, bars and restaurants.”

Bodger says he only started to feel normal again about three to four weeks after they tested negative following their recovery from the virus.