Whangarei unites to demand end to Child Abuse

By Dean Nathan

Not raising one's hand to beat a child is the initial solution supporters raised at today's march in Whangarei for Moko Rangitoheriri, a toddler who died after being abused by his caregivers.

It’s the biggest march seen in Whangarei in recent times with locals numbed at the circumstances of Moko's death.

Hope Puriri, Te Kahu o Torongare says, “Don’t raise your hand to hit a child, put your hand down.  If we all thought the same about not raising our hands to hit children then that is the initial solution.”

Moko’s family members challenged those gathered to rid their homes of the child beating scourge.

Moko’s Uncle Anthony Paki says, “This is what killed the children know, the hand.  Guns don't kill people, people kill people.  So if you don't raise the hand ..and it starts here. If you don't have that thought to raise your hand those children will be alive today.  This is where we've got to go, stop raising our hands against all these small people.  Yknow, these are our taonga bro, ya know that's it!

Ngaio Walker, Ngati Hine says, “I knew his mum I went to school with Moko's mum and it’s so aroha. The whole world needs to stop kill out children because they are our real treasures.”

The large turnout today is a sign that the people of Whangarei are in total support to ending the violent killing of children for good.

Puriri says, “We have foreigners, Pākehā and Māori all standing as one to end the brutality that’s killing our children, and spreading more love amongst mankind because that’s the most important thing in the world.”

In remembering those lost to violence we can also find the solution.