Wharawhara MAC’s latest make-up artist

By Talisa Kupenga

A 24-year old up-and-coming Māori makeup artist is living one of her lifelong dreams working for MAC at this year's New Zealand Fashion Week. Maia Wharawhara is excelling at her craft and takes us behind the catwalk of the biggest event so far in her career.

With only two-and-a-half years as a MAC makeup artist under her belt, Maia Wharawhara is making her mark at New Zealand Fashion Week.

"This is my first time doing the core shows that we do with MAC. So to work on fashion week is really important to me as an artist. It means that I am experiencing the industry and seeing how people view make-up in the industry as well."

Wharawhara is climbing the makeup ranks fast.

"I find the biggest mistake people make is they tend to not hydrate their skin first and then the make-up doesn't look as nice over the top."

She already manages Auckland's highest performing MAC store and completed MAC's two to four year fashion accreditation course in less than two years.

"Last year there was a lot more of those natural, beauty, no make-up kind of looks. We're definitely seeing more make-up on the face. There's been a lot more emphasis on lips this year. Really full lips, dark lips and really bright lips as well. We're definitely seeing a lot more eye liners. The make-up artist is a lot more present on the face."

After Fashion Week, she hopes to complete MAC's Advance Two certification and build her portfolio.