What to do if your whānau is concerned about having COVID-19 symptoms

By Jessica Tyson, Tapatahi

One of the key priorities for health organisations around Aotearoa is to ensure whānau receives the right information relating to COVID-19.

Tapatahi spoke to Dr Sarah Sciascia from Te Ora Toa Primary Health Organisation in Porrirua about what whānau need to know.

She said it can be difficult for some people to know whether or not they need to be tested.

“It’s really important that if you’re concerned about your symptoms you ring your doctor or nurse to get some advice about what might be going on, she says.

For those who can’t travel to a GP there are “mobile health care professionals who can come to your whare and check you out there, but it’s really important to see what your practice has in place at the moment,” she says.

Sciascia says her heart goes out to pregnant mothers who are expected to give birth during the lockdown.

“The same thing goes for our hapu mama as for everyone else. Stay home, wash your hands."

Sciascia says there isn’t any evidence to prove that COVID-19 can be passed on via kai at the moment.

“When we think about the kai the tummy bugs we can get those bugs are called bacteria. The virus is not known to survive in kai but it is important to think about if you’re going to the supermarket, make sure you wash your hands well after you get home and particularly after packing away your kai as well.”

To listen to Sciascia's full kōrero of advice watch the clip above.