What makes Tū Te Maungaroa unique?

By Taroi Black

Tū Te Maungaroa cultural group have been a strong contender at the Wellington haka regionals for 24 years, which will be held again this weekend.  So what is it about this uniquely Tūhoe group that catches the judges' eyes?

"Our name Tū Te Maungaroa derived from our sacred mountain Maungapōhatu, it is the rock at the summit of our revered mountain.

We identify ourselves as Tūhoe residing in Wellington.

This is the time now where our grandchildren lead our team forward, before heading out to the world. 

Our ancestral land is where our roots are, not here in Wellington.  But we live and work here. 

In 1994 in Hawera Timoti Karetu composed the item known as Te Aumangea.  

Our main focus for the up and coming regionals is our Tūhoe identity and our language. 

So, we are thankful for these opportunities and returning home to our Tūhoe festivals, as it provides an avenue for our great grandchildren to understand where they come from."