What should the future of NZ look like beyond COVID-19?

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes

'Aotearoa 2020 Vision', a national conversation that involves community engagement led by the NICF has received over one hundred survey and video statements and responses from New Zealanders in its first week.

"New Zealanders want a say on New Zealand's future, according to responses shared with the National Iwi Chairs Forum (NICF)," Professor Margaret Mutu said today.

Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon has voiced his support for the ongoing journey of a New Zealand constitution, "I believe (in) a Tiriti based constitution because we are all Tiriti people (Tangata Tiriti), it is not exclusive to one, but we are here in a shared history, shared culture, shared lands, shared visions, shared futures. So let's get behind the setting up of the journey of the constitution as it moves forward into the next phase," says Foon.

The initiative is calling out to New Zealanders of all ethnicities and from all communities to participate.

"This is an important conversation for all people of Aotearoa and not one that can be held in a brief moment with only a few voices," says Mutu. 

Caring for the environment, speaking te reo Māori, realising human rights, looking after one another, quality employment, partnership and shared decision-making in communities and between MĀori and the Crown, eliminating poverty, supporting children and rangatahi leadership, Te Tiriti o Waitangi and equity issues were some of the key priorities that have been identified in vision responses from people across Aotearoa.

"Interestingly the responses prioritise social, environmental and cultural priorities and not just economic recovery," says Mutu.

"The last thing we want is for the government and big business to tell us what we will get. We believe that a vision built from the community will help us implement policies and practices that will be inclusive and provide for sustainable development," says Mutu.

Aotearoa 2020 Vision comes out of the report on Constitutional Transformation Matike Mai Aotearoa that Dr Moana Jackson, Prof Mutu and team completed in 2016 on behalf of the National Iwi Chairs Forum (NICF).

Aotearoa 2020 Vision supported by NICF, seeks to carry on the discussion started in Matike Mai Aotearoa and get communities talking about what you need in a constitution for this country.

“Constitutions are things that come out of people and are simply a set of rules that we live by, that will be underpinned by values that we all share,” says Mutu.

Over the next six months the NICF is inviting New Zealanders to share their visions on the Facebook page 'Aotearoa 2020 Vision.'

*Share your vision here

The campaign has been designed to create space for people to share in these discussions and to share their vision for a better future for New Zealand.

Each week, Vision 2020 Aotearoa will be posting videos and statements from individuals around Aotearoa as they share their visions and what they see as being the ideal future for our country and its people.

If you would like to share your vision, there are three ways you can do it.

  1.  You can fill out the survey here
  2.  You can send in a written statement or creative art work that depicts your vision to our team via e-mail to: team@2020vision.org.nz
  3.  You can send a 30-90 second video via e-mail to: team@2020vision.org.nz