What’s on the menu for City Mission Christmas lunch

By Jessica Tyson

More than 2000 guests and 600 volunteers are expected to fill Spark Arena tomorrow as part of the Auckland City Mission’s annual Christmas lunch.

Staff and volunteers have been in working in overdrive for months preparing for the biggest lunch in the country.

Included in the menu is 2000 drumsticks, 300kg of ham, 240kg of roasted kumara and 300kg of gourmet potatoes.

For dessert, the Mission will offer 380 litres of ice-cream, 100 litres of fruit, 150 litres of jelly and 2500 slices of Christmas cake. 

City Missioner Chris Farrelly says they’ve also prepared 2500 presents for the day. 

“The guests at our Christmas lunch join us for all sorts of reasons, he says.

“They may have suffered trauma or sadness, be homeless or living in poverty and unable to afford to have their Christmas meal at home. They may be elderly or alone and have nowhere else to go. Or they may be estranged from their families. Whatever their circumstances, the Mission welcomes them on Christmas Day to share a meal and company.”

Farrelly says for thousands of children, the only gift they will get this Christmas will come from Auckland donors through the Mission so he's grateful to the Auckland community for their generosity.

“Your help makes Christmas possible for thousands of families, particularly children, who live in desperate poverty. Your donations make a significant difference to people who are struggling.”

Doors open at 11.30am on Christmas Day. Entertainment is provided until lunch is served at 12.30pm and every guest will receive a gift before going home.

Entire menu:

Main course

  • Chicken drumsticks: 2,000
  • Ham: 300kg
  • Gourmet potatoes: 300kg
  • Roast kumara: 240kg
  • Salad – mesclun lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber


  • Ice-cream: 380 litres
  • Fruit: 100 litres
  • Jelly: 150 litres
  • Christmas cake 2500 slices


  • Table cloths: 200
  • Balloons: 600
  • Presents on the day: 2500


  • Lollies: 2000 bags
  • Chocolate: 2500 bars
  • Drinks: 4500 bottles