Wheelchair turbo touch launch a hit

Wheelchair turbo touch is a new sport launched to benefit people with disabilities.  Celebrities assembled in Auckland for the launch and were put to the test by the Turbo Flyerz.

Michael Jones says, “All in all, it's a wonderful night of a community coming together around a great kaupapa and we just feel really honoured and privileged to be a part of it.”

To celebrate the launch, top sports athletes went head-to-head against the Turbo Flyerz. 

“I really wanted to get out and be as competitive as I could, but I really got schooled tonight by some amazing athletes,” added Jones.

With the launch a success, the co-founder hopes its popularity will grow in the weeks to come.  Lise Baldwin says, “We are going to have a weekly league, starting next week at Trust Stadium so we are going to invite all young people with a disability under the age of 23 to come and give it a go.”

The league will run on Thursday nights at 6pm.