'Where we need to be is at that decision-making table' - Alf Filipaina

By Muriwai Hei

Alf Filipaina has been an Auckland councillor for the past 12 years and has put his name forward for one last term.

He hopes to encourage more Māori and Pasifika to join councils. But he is no stranger within the many communities of South Auckland 

“My focus is going to be on our community and that's how it's been all the way through. Yes, you pay my wage, thank you so much, but for me it's always going to be about our community, how I can help them and that's how I felt right through my pirihimana (police career) but even more at the kaunihera (council)." 

Filipaina has been working closely with the many communities of South Auckland for the past 50 years. He was Manukau City councillor and then joined the amalgamated super city. Earlier he was a community constable for all of the Manukau district.

His hope is to see more Māori and Pasifika around the decision-making table.

“That progression was put in place under the Labour banner and it's a matter of getting our younger ones not only to take the position that I am currently holding but also the local board and getting into the local government. That definitely is happening and we need to always have an eye on the future for our younger ones.

He hopes that when he leaves his ward will be handed down to a Māori or Pasifika person, so there is still representation for Māori and Pasifika on the council. 

The election will be held on October 8.