White ribbons fly across Whangārei

Te Parawhau called upon the masses to march on Whangārei's streets, to show the world that domestic violence against women, or anyone, is not okay. 

34-year-old Patricia McGrath was buried 10 days ago.

It's alleged she lost her life at the hands of her former partner. 

32-year-old Phillip Andre Mahanga appeared before the Whangārei District Court yesterday on charges of domestic assault against Patricia McGrath, and another heavier charge of manslaughter has also been laid.

The call also went out to the Mahanga family to attend the march.

While Patricia McGrath no longer walks this earth, her mother is moving forward for the benefit of her grandchildren. 

It's clear to see that the men in attendance want violence towards women stubbed out of the community.

Phillip Mahanga will reappear before the Whangārei District Court on February 14.

Reporter:  Harata Brown