White water guardians receive blessing

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

It's a mammoth task for South Auckland's mana whenua to karakia to bless 48 pou whenua and an office block, at the new Vector Wero White Water Park in Manukau.  

The pou whenua are situated on both sides of the two rafting courses and will act as guardians for all who use it.

The water that runs throughout the white water facility is from the Waikato river.

Vector Wero's CEO Richard Jeffery says, "This is all part of the process which carries on from the earlier blessing of the waterways before the water the was released onto the course, and it's only fitting that local manawhenua conduct the final blessing for our Pou."

Another important decision which came out of this partnership was that all South Auckland schools will have free access to the facility, whether they be involved in water safety, survival and life skills.

The official opening will take place on April the 26th, where the Prime Minister John Key and the Māori King, Kīngi Tuheitia will unveil a plaque.