Whiti Te Rā beats Wainuiomata in Wellington league finals

By Rahia Timutimu

Wellington league team Whiti Te Rā has won a league title, beating Wainuiomata in the Wellington league finals held in Petone. Just last year, the Otaki team was formed and were unbeaten all year right up until the final yesterday where they won 18-8.

There were big hits and displays of talent in this league final.

Many turned out to the Wellington rugby league final between Whiti Te Rā and Wainuiomata.

Whiti Te Rā was the first to score and kept attacking Wainuiomata's try line

But it was Wainuiomata who scored before half time.

Whiti Te Rā were encouraged to do better during half time and with the winning trophy on display, they went out to do their best.

Wainuiomata went ahead with this penalty, with the scores sitting at 8-6 to Wainuiomata during the second half.

Whiti Te Rā came back with a penalty kick of their own to even the scores.

The next try from Whiti Te Rā was a team effort, which excited their fans.

A final try from Whiti Te Rā sealed the deal for the side to win 18-8.

Whiti Te Rā captain Tanira Cooper says, "We're happy to have achieved what we set out to do. I'm happy for the boys."

Waimuiomata captain Ulai Oti says, "Whiti wanted it more than us. They showed it in that last 20 minutes. They came out firing and we couldn't contain them. That was probably the difference, they had more heart than us."

Whiti Te Rā winning one of the country's toughest competitions.