Wilcox floated as potential Labour candidate

By Maiki Sherman

Following the Labour Party annual conference this past weekend, there was plenty of talk about possible candidates to contest the Māori seats for Labour.

A well-known face and a sharp speaker within Māoridom is exactly why political parties have their eyes set on him, Julian Wilcox the General Manager of News and Current Affairs at Māori Television was one of the names that was mentioned at the conference.

Mr Wilcox says, “All I can say is a number of parties have tapped me on the shoulder and asked the question, but it's not as though they are formal requests, whether it be Labour, the Māori Party or the Greens.”

At the centre of the latest rumour, speculation has arisen that Julian Wilcox may stand for Labour as a candidate in Tāmaki Makaurau. 

According to political commentator, Willie Jackson, “There’s truth and substance to that rumour. We heard his name being thrown about last year and again today, so there is some substance to it.”

Despite Julian Wilcox's assertion that Māori TV is his priority at present, it isn't as though he's completely shutting the door on Parliament.

Another name which has emerged for the Tāmaki Makaurau seat is Shane Taurima. However, he told Maiki Sherman today he would not be contesting the Tāmaki seat, nor would he seek a place on the party's list, but if one were to be offered, he remains open-minded.

Willie Jackson says both broadcasters would probably be approaching the political arena with much caution. 

Jackson says, “the problem for both Shane and Julian; if they do enter into politics, it could spell the end of their broadcasting careers.'

In the end, only time will tell how the political battlefield will unfold.