Will Iwi purchase shares in Mighty River Power ?

Donna Hall has just returned from the Ministry of Justice, having met over the legal aid funding of the Māori Council's water claim.

The game definitely isn't over yet, quite the contrary according to Ms Hall, the Waitangi Tribunal is no longer toothless, following the Supreme Court's ruling.

However for the Government, that is an issue for another time.  Right now, their focus is on selling assets, which includes enticing tribes to participate.

Under the share guidelines for Mighty River Power:

5% will be available to tribes not local to any of the power companies' assets, 10% for those tribes that are local and 12.5% to those who have already reached some type of agreement with the company.

All of MRP's hydro stations are based along the Waikato River.

Te Kāea spoke to the head of Waikato-Tainui's commercial arm, Mike Pohio, who says they won't be purchasing any shares.  For tribes who've yet to settle their claims, the Government has established a pathway to enable participation, meaning they can receive shares with a percentage deducted from their final settlement packages.

Ngāpuhi are among those in deliberation.  Ngāpuhi Rūnanga Chair, Sonny Tau says 'at this time, we're discussing whether or not it would be a good way to invest Ngāpuhi's money.  That's what we've been meeting about today.'

Other iwi positions include Ngāti Toa, who won't be purchasing shares.  Te Arawa will register, but are still contemplating purchase.  Ngāti Raukawa have set aside funds, but are still deciding. Ngāti Tūwharetoa are awaiting more information.

The New Zealand Māori Council advises caution as they hope to be back before the Tribunal in June.