Willie Jackson considers standing for Internet Mana Party

By Maiki Sherman

Another well-known Māori broadcaster and former MP is considering standing in the Tāmaki Makaurau electorate. Willie Jackson is thinking about standing in the electorate for the Internet Mana Party.

Te Kāea Political reporter Maiki Sherman spoke over the phone to Willie Jackson asking whether or not he was thinking about standing in Tāmaki Makaurau for the Internet Mana Party. He confirmed he is thinking about it, but hasn't made any decisions.

In 2011, Willie Jackson put out a media statement confirming he was considering standing as a Mana candidate at Hone Harawira's request, and it seems the same situation has arisen again now.

There's also been speculation that Laila Harré may be announced as the leader of the Internet Party tomorrow. She was the former deputy Alliance leader under Willie Jackson during their tenure, it is possible a revival of the Alliance Party within the Internet Mana Party could be on the horizon, however it will lean on the whether or not Jackson takes on the challenge

Nominations for Labour's Tāmaki Makaurau candidacy have also closed and Te Kāea has heard of five names, though the nominations have not yet confirmed with Labour's secretary.

However, according to information gained by Maiki Sherman from someone who attended a Tāmaki Makaurau LEC meeting last night four of those contenders gave spiels as to why they want to be the candidate for Labour in Tāmaki Makaurau.

Those names are Peeni Henare, Shanan Halbert, Reina Harris, Will Flavell and Ani Hawke.

Peeni Henare is the son of Erima Henare, chairman of the Māori Language Commission. Shanan Halbert is a member of the Tāmaki Makaurau Labour LEC. He currently works at Hato Petera College and is of Ngāti Kahungunu descent. Reina Harris is from Hokianga and was a former student at Auckland University. Furthermore, those three together played a leading role in the Māori student association at the university during their time there.

Will Flavell is head of the Māori studies department at Rutherford College. He was also the only person alongside Shane Taurima to throw his name in the hat during the first round of this competition. 

Ani Hawke from Ngāti Whātua didn't attend last night's meeting but has had a long career in the Māori health sector. This Sunday the Labour Party will decide who will come out on top and who will have to try again next time round.