Woman hopes Jimi Jackson was joking

By Talisa Kupenga

Māori comedian Jimi Jackson has come under fire for responding with sexist slurs to criticism of his 'Jimi Blackson' comedy sketch. Nadezna Walsh had commented that Jackson "was a father now" and he should "grow up".

The mother of three says although Jackson's response was disappointing and unprofessional, she doesn't expect an apology.

"Rude. Just blatantly rude. You know I understand his crass humour, which is absolutely fine. I think maybe the first comment I could have kind of had a chuckle but it was the last sentence I think was uncalled for," she said.

Jimi Jackson called Ms Walsh a number of sexist profanities. Ms Walsh said his comments were 'blatant bullying' and that he had lost his cool.

"Anyone who isn't as thick-skinned as me could take those things to heart. And you would sort of expect that gutter humour from him, but it's all the response from other people and how nasty some of them were that kind of blew my mind."

Jackson has a strong online following. Some have praised him, others aren't laughing.

Right now he’s filming a show for Māori Television. The network says the comments were inappropriate and they will meet with Jackson next week.

Māori Television’s Head of Content Mike Rehu said: “We'll be working through with Jimi and his production company and management to help him with his journey, from being a social media superstar with over 800,000 viewers to someone who appears on broadcast TV and the responsibilities that come with that."

Ms Walsh hopes the exchange was part of an act and not the real man.