Womens Black Sticks won't be progressing further at Worlds

By Wikitōria Day

After losing to the top-ranked Dutch and being upset by Korea earlier in the tournament, NZ needed to beat Australia to have any chance of making the semi-finals, but it wasn't to be.

Australia dominated the first half, maintaining possession for the most part. There were times NZ could have scored, but nothing came of it.

Australia was the dominant team in the first half, in that they had possesion of the ball for the most part of that section. There were times NZ could have scored, however nothing came of it.

Most of the game was played in the middle third of the turf, and oddly, there were only three penalty corners.

Due to this result, there's now only one game remaining for our team. Whilst their thoughts will be on the game ahead, the captain also has her own.

The NZ women's team will play China for fifth place this weekend.