World Asthma Day

By Tema Hemi

Today is World Asthma Day. Exercise NZ is encouraging asthma sufferers to look at physical activity as a means of reducing asthma this coming winter. 

Doing the basics at home can go a long way in managing your asthma.

Richard Beddie of Exercise NZ says, "it's about making sure people are educated and know how to manage their asthma".

Its an illness which can be managed and circumstances differ for each case and can be brought on by different factors.

Beddie says, "Certainly extreme cold can be a concern- and often damp houses".

NZ Statistics says one in five Māori children are diagnosed with asthma, 3.7 percent of asthma sufferers are hospitalized and seventy people die each year from asthma in New Zealand.

According to Pine August-Tiatoa it has taken its toll on her and her family. 

"I can't breathe, I can't do much sports, I can't travel with the windows down," says August-Tiatoa, "Like, I sleep with the windows open even during winter.  My son, he's got asthma too and he suffers quite chronically.  Most of the time during winter we're taking him to the ER to get on the nebulizer".

Fitness and participating in physical activity can reap benefits.

Beedie says, "Roving activity in particular can be very beneficial in helping people to manage their asthma".

 By recognising early signs of asthma early, treatment can take place.