World leaders set to converge in Australia for G20 summit

By Maiki Sherman

World leaders including American President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin are converging on Australian soil.

Tomorrow in Brisbane, the G20 Summit will commence involving many of the world's largest economies and the platform is being used by the Aboriginal people to voice their struggles.

The Aboriginal people have long fought for their independent sovereignty within Australia but claim it continues to fall on deaf ears.  The hope now is that while all eyes are on the G20 Summit, they'll also be all ears. 

This fire is said to represent the sovereignty movement and certainly it's that fire which burns inside the Aboriginal people.

A group says the world leaders’ summit is an insult to them as the indigenous people.

They say that's because the economic focus of the summit largely includes natural resources which they never ceded, but rather, were confiscated.

Given the large number of dignitaries set to attend, there's also a large police presence.  The protest group says police have tried to move them on and the people are intimidated.

The relationship between both sides is certainly strained.  The number of Aboriginal deaths in custody is one of the issues being protested.

Despite the summit coming to an end this Sunday, the fire will certainly burn on.