World's first Māori data hub aims to democratise Aotearoa

By Mare Haimona-Riki

The world's first Māori data hub, called Pātaka Raraunga,  was developed by Ngapera Riley of Te Arawa, who believes everybody should have access to good information, and that knowing how to find and use data is vital, to solving this country's biggest problems.

The hub was created during lockdown 2020, in an effort to “democratise” data in Aotearoa, Riley says.

“The idea was to bring all of this information to one place, otherwise you have to spend hours researching, which is quite the mission.”

Riley says this platform is the fruits of eight years of labour from Figure NZ, which publishes data from hundreds of different websites across the motu.

“We wanted to create a space where people could come and easily find reputable, reliable data, for and about Māori.”

An event was held on the East Coast last week, in conjunction with Tech Week, in which Riley and her team explained the hub and its uses.

“Everything we do is for free, and we just wanted them to know that the tool is available and give them an opportunity to ask questions.”