Young people embracing ANZAC spirit

With the numbers of veterans who served in the Second World War and the Korean War declining, Auckland youth say they feel a deep sense of responsibility to continue the ANZAC legacy.

The sacrifice of the ANZACs was felt across generations today, bringing a sense of responsibility and understanding to young people. 

St Kentigern’s College Head Boy George Shirtcliffe says, "These were men who were very similar in age to us so I think we need to understand what they've gone through to keep that memory alive and to let them know that their memory still exists and they did not die in vain".

Shirtcliffe's great-grandfather was of similar age to him when he served in the Second World War, he says he couldn't imagine how it would have been for his ancestor getting the call to war.

"Honouring him and remembering him at this time just helps me to understand the intensity of the war and what he had to go through- how absolutely horrible it was for people similar to our age to have to go through this experience".

Epsom Girls College student Vivien Whyte wore her great grandfather’s medals with pride today and says to forget the ANZACs would be to forget our history. 

"Our ANZACs, I think everyone has a tie with them, somehow their families would have been impacted by their sacrifice and it's important that we remember them".

And so, the next generations are pivotal in the preservation of the Anzac legacy.