Young Te Arawa player puts talent on display at Waikato-Bays Tennis Champs

By Wikitōria Day

The Waikato-Bays Tennis Championships is being held in Hamilton at present and despite its name, it's a tournament that brings together players 18 years and under from all over the world.  Te Kāea met one of the youngest players; a young Māori girl from Te Arawa.

Despite her young age, 13-year-old Tiana Windbuchler's eager spirit is well and truly being felt.

She's a new face to this competition, however, she's faced off against older girls than her and beaten them.

Her determination has meant that she has already reached levels that her older opposition are at now.

Like a true, committed parent, Tiana's father has given up work for the week to be here to support here and is very proud of her.

She has now been playing tennis for 5 years, and with the guidance from her coaches and family, she will only improve from here on.

She knows that this is indeed the sport she will continue to pursue, and she also has aspirations for both the near and distant future.

With many years still ahead of her, we may just witness the blossoming of yet another remarkable Māori tennis champion.