Zero alcohol for U20’s not enough

A horribly crushed van is a chilling reminder for Tori Morrison of the accident that almost claimed the life of her son Ben, when he and seven friends crashed on the bridge over the Tūtaekuri River, that saw two of them killed.

Like Tori, helping to spread the message of responsible drinking, is Jared Thomas, the sole survivor of a horrific crash involving alcohol and speed that ended in the tragic death of three of his friends.

“Just figure out how you're getting home, because what I've been through, loved ones, family, it's sad.”

Almost 10 years on since the accident, he still suffers with permanent injuries that affect his daily life.

Senior Constable Iain Cheyne who was present on the night of the accident says it was one of the worst he's seen in his 18 year career, and his message is clear.

Iain states, "sticking to zero, it's pretty easy if you've been drinking stay away from the car."

The Youth Alcohol Expo will see thousands of students come through its doors, where focus is put on avoiding the many dangers and distractions that could claim a young life.